As each person’s needs are different, there is no exact answer or exact number of sessions needed to be effective. This would depend on the person and the scope of issues that are to be addressed during therapy. Sometimes a client only need the first session to overcome his temporary difficulties, or only few appointments. The length of therapy, however, is often shorter than other types of therapy and can be as short as between 12 and 20 weeks.

Generally, sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis and each session lasts for one hour. So it will be one hour per week, unless the client has specific need to see the therapist more than once a week

On the first appointment, the client is helped and guided to explore his difficulties and the problematics he’s been through in the present moment, with empathy and non-judgimental listening by a professional mental health consultt. Client and counselor both work togheter to identify problem areas and to setting the goals of the meetings.

CBT is a type of practical therapy, that is it attempts to resolve a problem. For that reason, sessions will focus on specific concerns of the client. The client and therapist work in a collaborative manner to address the client’s immediate concerns and to reduce suffering. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of therapy that works, while talking with the counselor, to reframe perceptions and thought processes to help in changing behaviors and emotional health. Some tools used in CBT include relaxation training, disputing of dysfunctional thoughts, desensitization, work on the improvement of coping skills, anger management techniques and more. We provide treatment strategies and give the client explicit feedback about his or her problems and possible solutions.

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